Project Management

Sigma Immobili offers a comprehensive approach to project management, coupled with a focus on project lifecycle, innovation and technology, and valuable partnerships for clients seeking successful outcomes in property and construction projects.

comprehensive suite;

Services extend to;

  • Project Lifecycle Approach: Our project management services range from the initial concept and design phases, through the construction phase, and to the management and maintenance of the completed project or asset.
  • Collaborative Approach: Sigma Immobili’s project managers collaborate closely with other teams within the organization, such as the cost management, asset management, and advisory teams. This teamwork leverages the company’s collective experience to deliver practical and measurable benefits to clients.
  • Innovation: The company is committed to promoting innovative end-to-end infrastructure and engineering solutions. We follow conventional project management practices and seek innovative approaches to provide added value to clients and help them achieve their project goals.
  • Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with the project to ensure its successful completion.
  • Design and Engineering Management: Overseeing the design and engineering aspects of the project to ensure they align with the project’s objectives.
  • Constructability Reviews: Assessing the feasibility and practicality of the project’s design to avoid construction issues.
  • Schedule Benchmarking: Comparing project schedules to industry standards to ensure that timelines are realistic and achievable.
  • Change Management: Managing and implementing project scope, schedule, or budget changes.
  • Value Engineering: Identifying cost-effective solutions that enhance the overall value of the project.
  • Procurement Management: Managing the procurement process, including vendor selection and contract negotiation.
  • Construction and Handover Management: Overseeing the construction phase and ensuring a smooth handover of the completed project.
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