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Project controls

Project controls are an essential element of a well organised and efficient project. The primary role of an effective project controls function is to provide the client and project manager with a means by which overall project execution can be organised, monitored and delivered in relation to cost and schedule goals, as well as regulatory, quality and safety standards.

Our approach is based on a proven and robust methodology structured around Sigma Immobili's project management professional practice manuals that set out the processes and procedures. This allows us to approach each assignment with the confidence that we can deliver leadership, innovation and project ownership to our clients.


We have established an intranet-based system toolkit and online dashboard reporting to provide best practice guidance to ensure that our projects are managed consistently Countrywide. These are coupled with our innovative online project controls and reporting tools that provide executive access to the project dashboard from your mobile device 24/7. The project controls reporting is based on a smart system of interconnected datasets that allow reporting of project scope, cost, schedule, risk and personalised actions. By providing the client and the team with rich data at their fingertips, the focus can shift from report generation to critical-thinking tasks, where interpretation of information evolving into action can take place.