Project Controls

At Sigma Immobili, we recognize that project control is a fundamental pillar of well-organized and efficient projects. We proudly offer Project Control Services as a core element of our comprehensive suite of offerings. 


Key Service Highlights

Our primary goal is to provide clients and project managers with essential tools for organizing, monitoring, and successfully achieving project objectives. These objectives include cost management, adhering to schedules, regulatory compliance, a steadfast commitment to quality, and the highest standards of safety.

Our Project Control Services are built upon a proven methodology rooted in Sigma Immobili’s project management professional practice manuals. These manuals serve as the foundation of our operations, offering a structured roadmap of processes and procedures.

  • Project Control and Management Systems (PCMS): Central to our Project Control Services, PCMS plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective project execution. It enhances delivery schedules, reduces capital costs, informs decision-making, and mitigates risks.
  • Competency in Cost Estimation: We understand the critical importance of accurate cost estimates in project success. Our team continually engages in research, evaluation, improvement, and training to enhance the reliability of our cost estimates.
  • Predictability in Performance: Predictability in cost and schedule performance is indispensable for the achievement of financial performance goals. Our research encompasses both leading and predictive indicators, addressing the industry’s pressing need for early and accurate predictability of project outcomes.

In essence, our Project Control Services at Sigma Immobili are designed to empower clients with the tools and expertise needed to achieve project success. We take pride in our structured approach, unwavering commitment to innovation, and our ability to take complete ownership of projects, ensuring they meet and exceed client expectations.

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